Darussalam books on Quran

Atlas of the Qur’an takes the readers to all the places, people and important events mentioned in the Holy Quran, “besides locating areas where the incidents of the prophetic Seerah occurred”. With the help of maps, pictures and illustrations, the Quranic message becomes clearer and more impactful.

Journaling is now not about just writing your thoughts or secrets, it is about sharing, exploring, polishing and improving the different facets of your personality and skills.
Let’s see what we can do with a journal, why it is so good for you and the types of journals you can make.

We all study in our own ways, but there are certain tips and tricks for success in exams that many students swear by. A smart student will always check out what experts and those with experience say, and see what works best for them.

Bilqees Edhi was a mother countless children looked up to as their own. I met this dynamic lady at her orphanage in 2008, and talked to her about motherhood, the motherless and her own mother. Here is my report of the visit and my impressions of this selfless woman and the beautiful children who got a second lease on life thanks to her.

Tribute to teachers

There have been many superheroes since the pandemic hit the world. Among them are teachers who worked harder than ever at their job in a totally new ‘online’ setting, turned to new methods of teaching, overcome its challenges, and then stir their students through the unfamiliar world of online classes.

parenting girls

What do I want my daughter to be and what do I need to become to inspire her? These are difficult, but important, questions that mothers need to have the answers to.
The one aspect of life that only mothers can teach their daughters best is how to react as a woman to different situations — most importantly, how not to take shit from anyone, especially a man.

On this Mother’s Day, let us turn our focus to ourselves, and honestly see what kinds of kids we are for our mothers, and if we are what she deserves. And if we have an honest look at our behaviour towards our mother, and parents in general, we will realise so many things that we are doing right, and which we should continue with, but we will also find some things in our behaviour that can be improved.
It’s like, let’s not ask what mothers do for us, but what we can do for mothers. And this, my friends, will be the best Mother’s Day gift for her.