Bilqees Edhi was a mother countless children looked up to as their own. I met this dynamic lady at her orphanage in 2008, and talked to her about motherhood, the motherless and her own mother. Here is my report of the visit and my impressions of this selfless woman and the beautiful children who got a second lease on life thanks to her.

On this Mother’s Day, let us turn our focus to ourselves, and honestly see what kinds of kids we are for our mothers, and if we are what she deserves. And if we have an honest look at our behaviour towards our mother, and parents in general, we will realise so many things that we are doing right, and which we should continue with, but we will also find some things in our behaviour that can be improved.
It’s like, let’s not ask what mothers do for us, but what we can do for mothers. And this, my friends, will be the best Mother’s Day gift for her.